Why Inner Hair Nutrition Bites? - By Student Dietitian, Carly Smith

Do you ever find yourself craving a sweet treat at the end of the day or after a savoury meal? Or constantly searching for a healthy treat that actually tastes good? Well, Inner Hair Nutrition Bites are right up your alley. Made from nourishing and nutritious ingredients, these healthy snack size bites are made of all natural flavours and contain no artificial colours. With the added bonus of being gluten free, even those with celiac disease and gluten intolerances can enjoy a decadent sweet treat.

What is inside them?

Prebiotic fiber

The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend adults to consume between 25-30g/day of dietary fibre (1). However, the 2011–2012 National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey identified that only 28.2% of adults were meeting the recommended intake for dietary fibre as outlined by the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2). Therefore, it is vital that we prioritise consuming high fibre foods to ensure we are meeting the recommended targets.

But more specifically, what about prebiotic fibre? Being a relatively new discovery, prebiotic fibre is an emerging health find credited with a host of health benefits. These include the stimulation and growth of ‘good’ bacteria in the large intestine, improved gut functioning, increased mineral absorption and protection against certain cancers including colon.

Seeds (sunflower and pepitas)

Often referred to as the antioxidant powerhouse, seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds are a healthy addition to any diet. Rich in healthy fats and countless vitamins and minerals, these tiny plants can even play a role in helping to reduce high levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. With anti-inflammatory properties, the addition of seeds to your diet can also contribute to supporting healthy skin, hair and nails. The addition of sunflower seeds and pepitas in the Inner Hair Nutrition Bites helps to increase the protein and fibre intake allowing for a filling and substantial treat.

Monk fruit extract

There is no mistaking we all love a sweet treat every now and then. However, the current population consumes increasingly high amounts of refined sugar, and this overindulgence can lead to detrimental health impacts. The native Chinese fruit known as monk fruit is becoming increasingly popular as a sugar replacement due to its natural sweetness and nutrition properties. Inner Hair Nutrition Bites have specifically utilised monk fruit extract providing a decadent treat without the added sugar.


What makes them different to your regular bliss balls or treats?

You may be wondering what makes Inner Hair Nutrition Bites any different to the hundreds of bliss balls and sweet snacks on the market? Well, despite the added bonus of maximising your hair growth and strength, these bite size snacks have a number of health benefits.

They don’t include dates

Whilst dates aren’t the enemy of the health food world, they do make up a large portion of the conventional ‘health’ snacks and balls you may come across at your local supermarket. Due to the strong sweetness dates provide raw treats, they are commonly added to make snack foods sweet without the added refined sugar. However, this isn’t always a good thing. Unfortunately, along with the sweetness comes high natural sugar and calorie content. Individuals aiming to eat within a calorie deficit or aiming to manage their blood sugar levels, this is something worth being mindful of.   

Portion control and ready to eat

Today’s population has a sizeable issue with portion control and overeating. Particularly in the snacking department where it can be very easy to overindulge with delicious sweet treats between meals. Today’s snack market doesn’t help curb this dilemma as the majority of pre-bought treats sold in supermarkets have double the amount of sugar, sodium and calories than is recommended in the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Containing only 59kcal per serve, the perfectly portioned Inner Hair Nutrition Bites make for a healthy snack that won’t lead to overindulging. The added bonus is you can still reap all hair strengthening and boosting properties whilst consuming the recommended serving size of just 1 bite per day.

What is 'functional' food all about?

Functional food – the current buzz word you may have heard popping up throughout your social media but, what do people really mean when they talk about functional food? The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics define functional foods as foods which, ‘have a potentially beneficial effect on health when consumed on a regular basis at certain levels.’ (3) In simple terms this means whole foods which, when consumed, provide us with added health benefits in addition to the normal macro and micro nutritional content foods provides.

Inner Hair Nutrition Bites are an excellent example of a functional food which provides the exceptional benefits of maximised hair health whilst simultaneously nourishing the body with nutritious ingredients for overall wellbeing. Combined with an overall healthy diet and lifestyle, the addition of functional foods to your diet can allow you to reap many added nutritional benefits.

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4) Cover photo by: Brooke Lark