Active Ingredients…the unsung hero in our diet that boost Hair Growth!


Do you feel like your hair will not grow past a certain length, no matter what products you buy or the effort you put into it? Your lack of hair growth can be primarily due to a combination of factors such as hormonal, dietary or hereditary.

Diet is often a much-neglected factor when it comes to hair care and a kept-secret to growing strong and healthy hair. The right diet can work wonders and have a significant impact on your overall health, including your hair.

To maximize hair growth and strengthen it, you need to take a better look at your diet. Is it inclusive of functional and whole foods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals? Functional foods with active ingredients are highly important, not just for hair growth but for the wellbeing of the human body. Examples of functional/whole foods include fruits and vegetables along with nuts, seeds, grains and prebiotic fibre. Incorporating these kinds of foods into your diet is the first step towards longer, healthier hair.


Our Hair Growth Cycle


Understanding how hair grows can better aid us in knowing what nutrients and vitamins are essential for your hair. Our scalp has thousands of hair follicles through which hair grows. The average person has somewhere between 90 thousand to 150 thousand hair follicles.

Our hair cycle has three distinct stages: Anagen (growing), Catagen (intermediate) and Telogen (resting). Numerous factors impact each phase but none more than a diet.

Our hair is made mainly of a protein called Keratin (also found in nails and skin) formed by amino acids. Its protein is the building block of hair, it is no surprise that protein is one of the most essential nutrients required for robust and healthy hair.  Apart from proteins, the hair also needs vitamins, particularly vitamins A, B group, C, D and E plus minerals like Iron, Zinc and Fatty Acids (omega 3’s).  This is where edible hair care, as a concept, was born……

 skin and hair under skin diagram and components

Of course you could whisk  some things up in the kitchen by yourself and make some miracle blend. But, wouldn’t it be easier to just eat one edible hair care bite a day that has all the vitamins and minerals all in one place.

Inner Hair Nutrition bites by The Nourishing Body Co are exactly that. A edible hair care product that is gentle on the tummy and amazing for your hair. As a company, the ethos is that great hair starts from within.


Ingredients in the Inner Hair Nutrition Bites


Inner Hair Nutrition is made up of all-natural ingredients that actively aid and accelerate hair growth. Some of the active ingredients include Bovine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Biotin. These bites are available in three yummy flavours: Chocolate Coconut, Vanilla and Salted Caramel.


Collagen: is a natural protein found in ample amounts in our bodies. It strengthens and hydrates our hair, skin and nails. Bovine Collagen (not vegan) is sourced from pasture-raised cows and is the particular collagen utilized in each bite. It helps supply the hair follicle with vital amino acids that are used in the formation of Keratin, which is roughly 80% of our hair. One Inner Hair Nutrition bite contains 2000mg of Bovine Collagen.


Hyaluronic Acid: HA is highly prevalent in the skin care market and is found in just about every skin serum product. It is known for its talent to retain moisture. It’s a key ingredient in Inner Hair Nutrition bites as it hydrates the scalp and the hair bulb, giving our hair a soft and supple texture. HA also helps reduce hair loss and makes the hair more robust. Food grade Hyaluronic Acid is fairly new to the health food industry, therefore, this is a very exciting inclusion in these bites.


Biotin:  Biotin is part of the B vitamin family. In short, it’s a Complex vitamin B. Biotin works in helping the body extract energy from fats and carbohydrates. This energy is then used in repairing cells aided by the Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen.


Sugar content: Inner Hair Nutrition bites contain the extract of monk fruit as the natural sweetener of choice.  Monk fruit sweeteners are 150-200 times sweeter than sugar and contribute sweetness to foods and beverages without adding calories. This means only an incredibly small amount of Monk Fruit is needed to create a sweet, yet decadent flavour. A single Inner Hair Nutrition bite contains only 3.9 grams of sugar.

 monk fruit extract with bamboo spoon in bowl

Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto


That’s all great but do they actually taste good?


Individually each bite flavour has rich and all-natural ingredients to make sure they actually taste great! Salted Caramel combines Himalayan rock salt with natural caramel. Likewise, the Vanilla bites are flavoured with natural vanilla pods. Lastly, Chocolate Coconut has a rich grounded cacao base with Organic Coconut for extra flavour. These combined with the above active ingredients aid in supporting healthier longer, and more luminous locks.

This edible hair care is developed sustainably. The ingredients are selected and sourced with the utmost care and special attention is given to them being “all-natural.”

Less is always more with this product. Hence, just one Inner Hair Nutrition bite a day consistently will show you a visible difference in hair strength and shine within just ONE week. This edible hair care is the answer to your hair problems. It is consistently gaining popularity and is the future of hair care and hair health.


Bottom Line


Your dream of long, healthy hair is achievable it is only a bite away. The innovative new Inner Hair Nutrition Bites are a healthy and stress-free way of gaining control of your hair growth and boosting it’s overall health. They aid in maximizing the hairs thickness and accelerating the growth rate. They are affordable, sustainable and the perfect healthy snack that not only caters to hair growth but also to the skin. The ingredients in it are beneficial to the entire body and the low sugar content (only 59 cals per bite) is a huge bonus. Being Dairy Free, Soy Free, GMO-free and containing no artificial flavours or colours means these are the best (and only) edible hair product for your hair!

half coconut with inner hair nutrition bites sitting inside, no packaging