We believe that healthy hair starts from within!

Like many companies, the idea which grew to become The Nourishing Body Co. started as a simple conversation between our founder, Rachael, and her husband, Chris, about functional food, a balanced diet and the role they have to play in hair health.

With more than a decade's experience in the hair industry, Rachael has seen first hand the changes which can occur to our hair during different phases of life and the damage associated with styling and wrong product choices. 

Spurred on by this conversation, Rachael set out on a journey of intense research and discovery to further her knowledge which lead to the resounding revelation that nothing like this existed. Hence the Inner Hair Nutrition Bites were born.

Packed full of carefully selected whole foods paired with active ingredients Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, these tasty bites help to support growth of healthier, stronger hair while also providing benefits to your skin.

Our products are all developed with sustainability in mind and we take a less is more approach when selecting all ingredients and materials, choosing only those which provide a true benefit. 


 " Today's research shows that healthy on the outside starts on the inside. So, armed with this knowledge and my industry experience as a hair stylist, I set out to develop something that could truly complement your hair and Inner Hair Nutrition was born."                                              - Rachael, Founder The Nourishing Body Co.

Ready to start your journey to healthier hair from the inside out?

Our variety packs are the perfect way to trial our flavours and start your journey to healthier hair in one bite.