30 Days of Inner Hair Nutrition Bites


before and after hair growth  nail growth after 30 days

 Lucy had been in preparation for her wedding day when she decided to try the Inner Hair Nutrition Bites for 30 days and like a lot of other brides, her hair was one of the more important tasks to get on top of. 

Lucy noticed having less breakage and her mane definitely became thicker, especially around the middle and ends. She also had a lot of new growth around the hair line, close to her part.

"When I comb my hair, I normally end up with a giant ball of hair as a parting gift, but I've noticed that I am losing a lot less hair now, which is amazing! I noticed a really big improvement in the strength of my nails and how the length has been maintained without breakage. I also noticed my eyelashes were a lot longer. " -Lucy

longer hair in 30 days results

Sherise was looking to grow out her damaged blonde hair so she decided to try the Inner Hair Nutrition Bites and what a massive difference! 

"These Bites are soooo good! " - Sherise

longer hair results in 30 daysNew nail growth in 30 days

Arna is a serial snacker with a sensitive stomach so it’s not uncommon for her to feel uncomfortable, gassy and bloated. The Bites were so gentle on her her tummy and she didn’t have any issues, no bloating, no gas. A massive win for her!

"You know what I’m talking about, those little baby hairs near your temples. At first, I thought maybe they were short stands of hairs due to breakage/stress but no. Hairdresser confirmed, NEW BABY HAIR! " - Arna 

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before and after hair growth

Keshia Struggles to grow her hair past a certain point at the best of times. While she ate 1 bite per day for 30 days, her hair had grown over an inch. Resulting is the healthiest hair she has had in a long time. 

"The bites have definitely made noticeable and visible changes to my hair, my hair looks and feels healthier! These are the yummiest treats, I truly struggled only having ONE a day!"  - Keshia Gee Harris

before and after hair growth  

Ange is super health conscious when it comes to putting food into her body that doesn't serve her. She was amazed with the wholefood ingredients and low allergens with the Inner Hair Nutrition Bites. Ange feels like her hair is always dull and lifeless, so incorporating the Bites into her self care routine she seen her hair come back to life with more shine then ever before. 

"Incorporate into your meal plan as a 'sweet' craving without the guilt. With so many nutrients for your hair as well as skin and nails, its a snack that is easy to make part of your daily routine. " - Angela Bawdin.

 before and after hair growth

 Heidi experiences having thin hair a lot of the time along with continual hair loss where the hair is actually falling out from the bulb inside the scalp. Since having 1 Bite a day for 30 days her hair has visually thickened up and she is noticing a lot less hair falling out everywhere.

"Normally my boyfriend is constantly picking stray hairs off my clothes, but this isn't happening nearly as much now." - Heidi Ellis 

 before and after hair growth

One of Stacey's problem areas with her hair has always been around her hairline in the sense of it being sparse. To see the new hair growth being created from having 1 bite a day for 30 days was so amazing to see. 

Nikita doesn't struggle with thick hair but she did loose a lot of hair Postpartum and struggled with keeping the ends fuller due to the hair loss. 30 days later consuming the Inner Hair Nutrition Bites she couldn't believe how much fuller the ends became along with feeling more hydrated with less hair loss. 

  before and after hair growth

Jess was one of our unique customers being that her scalp was so badly burnt with on scalp bleach at a salon, it left her with permanent scaring to her scalp and damage to her hair follicles resulting in very slow hair growth and poor quality strands in that area. The shine, volume and quality of her hair in this area after 30 days being on the Inner Hair Nutrition Bites is visually a lot healthier and stronger. 

before and after hair growth

Tamara noticed a difference in the first few days of consuming the Bites, her hair was much easier to brush and by the end of the 30 days her hair flourished with volume and shine

'Normally when I'm getting closer to "wash day" I have to tie my hair up because it looks dirty, but while having the Bites I was able to wear my hair out and knew it still looked clean and fresh.'  -Tamara Dix

before and after hair growth

New growth around the hair line of our customers is one of the most consistent results. Stacey has fine hair around the back of her nape that she struggles to grow but as you can see the regrowth is abundant. 

before and after hair growth

Jess fell into the Covid-19 DIY hair stage and coloured her hair blue. It completely compromised the integrity of her hair resulting in a major need for some TLC. Colour damage is something people experience from time to time for different reasons. It was important to strengthen up Jess's hair and balance the Protein VS Moisture components of her hair strands before going in and extracting the Blue hair pigments. The Inner Hair Nutrition Bites in conjunction with good quality salon products helped maintain the integrity of her hair. 

before and after hair growth longer pony tail

 Thicker, longer pony tails are a massive want within our customers. Jasmine noticed a substantial amount of rapid hair growth while consuming 1 Bite a day for 30 days. Her pony tail is now thicker then it was before and she feels confident wearing it up without fearing it looks straggly. 




 *individual results may vary and no one consumer is the same.