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  • Product Review - By Health & Wellness Blogger, Arna

    Real, honest and authentic....these are all the things that come to mind when we think of Arna and her health + wellness blogs or education. This is a product review where Arna gives us her real and honest feedback about her experience while taking the Inner Hair Nutrition Bites for 30 days.

    The results speak for themselves...

  • Why Inner Hair Nutrition Bites? - By Student Dietitian, Carly Smith

    We were fortunate enough to have Student Dietitian Carly Smith review the Inner Hair Nutrition bites and dive into the ingredients a little deeper. Coming from a food expert, it is really informative to learn about what we put in the products and what we left out.
  • PINK OCTOBER Collaboration - #TenTillNeverAgain

    In this blog, we explain the background of The National Breast Cancer Foundation, the great work that they do to achieve 'zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030' and the collaboration between Foil Me Foils and The Nourishing Body Co for the Pink October Campaign 2020.
  • Active Ingredients…the unsung hero in our diet that boost Hair Growth!

    If terms like active ingredients or functional food are foreign to you, then take a look at this latest blog post where we dive into these things in greater detail. We also help you understand a little more about hair growth cycles and what sort of key ingredients in you diet can help boost you hair growth rate.